Thu October 1st 2009
HR C101
Seminar Playing with stones: skipping stones and splashes
Lydéric Bocquet


Why, whenever one finds a stone nearby a shore, do we feel an irrepressible need to throw it in water? I won’t answer this difficult question, and will rather discuss in this talk the various phenomena which may occur when one throws a stone on water. As we know from common experience, depending on the throw one may observe the stone skipping over the water, or making a splash.

I will first discuss the stone skipping phenomenon, and identify the physical conditions for bouncing as well the origin of the dissipation which fixes the number of skips. In a second part, I will focus on the 'splash' phenomenon occuring when the stone enters into the water. I will in particular discuss the conditions to make a big 'splash' versus a tiny 'plop'.

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