Thu March 7th 2013
Seminar Gathering, Orbiting, Rising and Bouncing Bubbles
Minori Shirota


The behavior of gathering, orbiting, rising and bouncing bubbles were experimentally investigated. The former two topics deal with the bubble motions in acoustic fields due to primary and secondary Bjerknes forces. Here the mechanisms on the formation of 'bubble grape' in acoustic pressure node, and of the orbital revolution of a pair of bubbles on a vibrating flask wall were investigated. In the latter two topics, motions of a 'clean bubble' in quiescent liquids were studied. Relation between the steady drag and the wake structure of single rinsing bubbles was examined experimentally using ultra pure water and silicone oil solutions of photochromic dye. The bouncing of a clean bubble on a free surface was modeled by a mass-spring system in which the bubble and the free surface were assumed as springs connected in series. Some experimental techniques on bubble generation and high-speed imaging were also developed.
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