Fri May 17th 2013
Seminar Surface tension driven transport and dynamics in micro and nano-scales
Sushanta Mitra


Micro and nano-scale transport processes are of great importance to microfluidics with applications ranging from lab-on-a-chip to flow in porous media. Often such cases need surface tension driven transport and results into fascinating dynamics relevant to the scale of the problem studied. In this talk, three such interesting problems will be discussed. First, new scaling laws for capillary filling, ubiquitous in micro and nanofluidics, will be highlighted. Second, the multi-scale problem of droplet coalescence will be approached through highly-resolved simulations with a phase-field lattice Boltzmann method, relevant to emulsion transport in porous media. Finally, our recent multi-scale experiments, where we make an under-water surface superoleophobic by mere addition of surfactants, will be discussed.
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