Mon March 20th 2023
13:30 – 14:30
Seminar Spreading and evaporation of near-critical droplets
Raphael Saiseau


We investigate experimentally the spreading behavior of droplets for near-critical phase-separated liquid mixtures. The Tanner's law regime is robustly verified even for droplets close to the critical temperature showing the universality of the viscous spreading. However, near the critical point, the spreading behavior of the droplets is slower than its evaporation (in the phase separation sense). To discriminate between the two mechanisms, the evaporation mechanism is also investigated for spherical aerosols droplets showing a still un-understood evaporation mechanism. Interestingly, using the interplay between experiments, lubrication theory and finite-element numerical simulation, our results show a counterintuitive sharp thinning of the precursor film when approaching the critical temperature.
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Max Planck Gesellschaft
4TU Precision Medicine
Centre for Scientific Computing