Wed January 25th 2023
16:00 – 17:00
Seminar Properties and design of lubricant-infused surfaces in shear flows
Shervin Bagheri


Lubricant-infused surfaces (LIS) use microstructures to lock in a liquid lubricant. These surfaces have been mainly studied in near-equilibrium conditions, where their slippery property allows them to repel liquid droplets, inhibit icing and condensation and resist the attachment of microorganisms. However, in an external shear flow environment (i.e., far from equilibrium conditions), lubricant-infused surfaces are not only slippery but also highly dynamic, which results in rich physics and multiple flow-induced functionalities. In this talk, I will present our work in characterizing non-equilibrium properties of LIS and highlight how they can be used to control the transport of momentum, heat, and mass. LIS in non-equilibrium conditions require design rules that, in addition to surface energy and roughness factor, take into account the effects of the surrounding fluid flow. I will present the conditions that are required for lubricant retention and mobility, which can be found by balancing capillary forces with viscous, inertial, and Marangoni forces.
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Max Planck Gesellschaft
4TU Precision Medicine
Centre for Scientific Computing