Thu October 27th 2022
13:30 – 14:30
Seminar Finite Element and Anisotropic Meshing Framework for CFD with Machine Learning
√Člie Hachem


In this presentation, we will share our expertise in numerical developments built on a ground-breaking parallel adaptive anisotropic mesh refinement for multiphysics challenging simulations. Indeed, the research group that I am leading and presenting made several strategic investments to increase the automation of mesh operations within the simulation workflow. This is already essential for multiphase flows, fluid structure interaction and conjugate heat transfer simulations. It allows handling high viscosity ratio when dealing with complex fluid flows or with high temperature gradients when dealing with evaporation and boiling. Finally, highlights on our latest developments and applications of machine learning in broad areas of CFD such as prediction, control and optimization will be presented.
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Max Planck Gesellschaft
4TU Precision Medicine
Centre for Scientific Computing