Mon January 24th 2022
16:00 – 17:00
Seminar Twin drop impact on a liquid pool
Andrew Dickerson


We take the enduring topic of drop impact on a deep pool of similar liquid a step further by allowing twin drops to impact simultaneously. Impacts are sufficiently proximal that impact crown and craters interact, distorting craters, merging craters, and creating previously undocumented super-surface interactions. The unique features of twin impacts occur when crowns collide to create a central veil that bifurcates the two cavities and the expulsion of jet-like features atop colliding crowns. The emergence of a plethora of splash features is dependent on Froude number (Fr=30-200) and drop separation distance. We analyze crater evolution using theory developed for singular drops. Crater and jet energies are compared for various impact velocities and drop separation distances. We find that craters close enough to merge produce thicker, but not higher, rebound jets.
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The 10th Complex Motion in Fluids 2022
Max Planck Gesellschaft
Centre for Scientific Computing