Wed February 2nd 2022
16:00 – 17:00
Seminar Beyond DNS resolution: Resolving transport phenomena in laminar jet impingement
Wilko Rohlfs


Impinging jets are central to many industrial processes and applications, and as such have been investigated extensively in the past century. Today’s research focusses on turbulent jet impingement mainly, including direct numerical simulations of jet impingement (with Reynolds numbers of around 10,000). However, the miniaturization of electrical components and its increase in power density (up to 200W/cm²), especially in the electro-mobility sector, calls for localized cooling techniques. Dissipating heat from small hot-spots of a few millimeter size leads back to laminar flow conditions.
This research seminar demonstrates that a precise analysis and evaluation of laminar jet impingement can still yield new insights into the governing physical mechanisms. The seminar will be structured in two sections. First, the influence of local flow acceleration in the stagnation zone will be discussed; explaining the root cause for an increasing Nusselt number in flow direction within the stagnation zone. The second section demonstrates how new physically-based correlations for the Nusselt number in the stagnation zone can be obtained from a precise post-processing of numerical simulation results. The seminar ends with an outlook for further studies that grounds on the knowledge obtained before.
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