Fri December 20th 2019
10:00 – 12:00
Other Almond Tree Symposium


10:00 "Fire-ant and granular columns"

Alberto Fernandez-Nieves (Georgia Tech and University of Barcelona)

In this talk, I will present recent experiments in my group with dense fire-ant and granular columns. I will first discuss how confining ants to 2D vertical columns results in an initial expansion, followed by the spontaneous generation of ant waves. These waves are not just density waves but rather activity waves, and they propagate at a speed that depends on amplitude. I will then focus on 3D cylindrical columns and revisit the behavior of granular matter and how it changes with respect to the standard paradigm for sufficiently narrow columns.

11:00 "Challenges in direct numerical simulations of finite-size particle laden flows."

Manuel Moriche (Karlsruher Institüt für Technologie)

Particle laden flows are multiphase flows in which the dispersed phase is composed by solid particles. These flows are present in many natural phenomena like sedimentation in rivers, and also industrial processes. In many circumstances, the particles size is greater than the smallest scales of the flow and the actual size and shape of the particles needs to be taken into account. In this talk I will present the main characteristics of finite-size particle laden flows and the challenge that direct numerical simulations present to the scientific community.
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