Fri December 13th 2019
14:00 – 15:00
Seminar Solutal Marangoni flows from large to small scales
Hyoungsoo Kim


Since James Thomson (1855), Marangoni phenomena have been extensively discussed and applied to a myriad of applications including material migration, mixing, coating and cleaning. In this talk, we would like to specifically focus on the mechanism of the solutal Marangoni stress how it occurs at the interface between two solutions (or components), in particular alcohol and water. Using multiple optical measurements, such as time-resolved 2D particle image velocimetry, 3D particle tracking velocimetry based on machine-learning algorithm, and Schlieren methods, we explore various examples related to Marangoni-driven convective flow at a different length scale. We observe that the finite timescale and length scale to create the Marangoni flow. Physical arguments to support the observations will be discussed during the meeting.
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