Master theses

150Periodically driven Taylor-Couette turbulenceArne te NijenhuisNov 29, 2017
149Droplets on viscous filmsMichiel HackOct 12, 2017
148Exploring cornstarch rheology: from a classical to a polymer point of viewRicardo Arturo López de la CruzApr 25, 2017
147Experimental study on the shape of sessile microdroplets covering elliptical patches of enhanced lyophilicityDiana García GonzálezApr 21, 2017
146Evaporation of binary dropletsMike RolinkApr 3, 2017
145Leidenfrost universality: an experimental studyOlinka Johani Ramírez SotoMar 30, 2017
144Drop impact on heated surfaces: levitation, splashing, spraying and coolingPaul HoefnagelsFeb 9, 2017
143Marangoni induced spreading of droplets over dropletsBram van CapelleveenDec 22, 2016
142The role of surfactants in delayed coalsescence of sessile dropsMyrthe BruningNov 4, 2016
141Research into the effect of the bulk viscosity on acoustic droplet vaporizationMaura DantumaOct 31, 2016
140Hexadene spreading and solidification on a cold surfaceMartijn van der OuderaaSep 29, 2016
139Dissolution modes of droplets on patterned surfacesIgnaas JimidarAug 19, 2016
138The dynamical behavior of droplets within a droplet trainMathijs van de WeerdMay 26, 2016
137The evaporation of binary dropletsYaxing LiMar 10, 2016
136The influence of shear on stable microbubble productionRick NijenkampDec 11, 2015
135Droplet impact and infiltration into a hydrophilic porous medium, an experimental and theoretical studyChrista GjaltemaAug 6, 2015
134Development and characterization of polymeric microcapsules for multimodal imagingMirjam VisscherJun 26, 2015
133Interferometric measurement of surface cooling by Leidenfrost dropsMartin Klein SchaarsbergJun 9, 2015
132Dynamics of supercooled droplets: Impacts, jets, explosions and moreSebastian SterlMay 27, 2015
131The influence of history effects on the diffusion-driven dissolutions of a CO2 bubbleCarlijn van EmmerikApr 28, 2015
130Characterization of Phospholipid Coated Ultrasound Contrast Agent Microbubbles Produced in a Lab-On-A-Chip Flow-Focusing GeometryLeonie de RondDec 12, 2014
129Cell transfection using spark-induced cavitation bubble in narrow gapAnne Charlotte van BloklandDec 8, 2014
128Explosive Boiling in Open CapillariesRodrigo EzetaNov 19, 2014
127Effects of boundary variations on Rayleigh-Bénard convectionDennis BakhuisNov 3, 2014
126Let them be light - A study into the dynamics of light particles in a turbulent flow fieldJon BronsSep 3, 2014
125Bubbles generated by plasmonic gold nanoparticlesYiyuan ZhaoAug 22, 2014
124Contrast agents for continuous wave photoacousticsErik LinnartzJul 11, 2014
123Dissolution of interfacial microdroplets on hydrophobic surfacesJun WangJul 2, 2014
122Spherical body orientation extraction and Rayleigh-Bénard convectionMatthijs NeutMay 9, 2014
121Pinched Flow Fractionation for Ultrasound Contrast Agent EnrichmentMaarten KokJan 31, 2014
120Liquid drops on soft solidsLuuk LubbersNov 8, 2013
119Splashing of Leidenfrost dropletsBart GeerdinkAug 23, 2013
118Finite-sized Particles in the Twente Water Tunnel: Spheres and FibersTobias FörtschAug 19, 2013
117Cell detachment by a submerged microjet - Flow field validation and time-resolved measurements of cell detachmentMarise GielenJul 19, 2013
116Drop spreading on complex surfacesBram StapelbroekJul 5, 2013
115Air entrainment during impact onto a liquid poolMaurice H. W. HendrixJun 22, 2013
114Pushing Oobleck to the limit: Force response of an intruder in a dense cornstarch suspensionStef CarelsenFeb 22, 2013
113Nucleation and boiling of highly superheated liquidsMichiel van LimbeekDec 20, 2012
112Beach evolution and wave dynamics in a Hele-Shaw geometry Bram van der HornJul 9, 2012
111Droplet impact on rough surfacesRianne de JongJul 4, 2012
110Optimal transport in turbulent Taylor-Couette flow: radius ratio effectTim JanninkMay 11, 2012
109Heavy particles in cylindrical flowJarich van der MolenApr 13, 2012
108On Faraday Waves and JetsIvan van der KroonMar 30, 2012
107Transport phenomena in dental microchannels Pascal SleutelMar 23, 2012
106Flow near the contact line of an evaporating droplet Oscar BloemenJan 20, 2012
105Impact of droplets on superheated surfacesErik-Jan StaatJan 13, 2012
104Tubular jet generation by pressure pulse impactGerben MorsinkJan 9, 2012
103Direct measurements of air layer profiles under impacting droplets using high-speed color interferometryRoeland van der VeenDec 22, 2011
102Non-Newtonian response of particulate suspensions Matthias van de RaaDec 21, 2011
101Supersonic microjet generation using laser-induced vapour bubbles Nikolai OudalovDec 20, 2011
100Beer Flow DynamicsErik DietrichOct 31, 2011
99Connecting flow structures and heat flux in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convectionErwin van der PoelOct 4, 2011
98Air entrainment within immersion lithography systemsDiederik KeijSep 30, 2011
97Microabrasion in Ultrasonic Cleaning of Root CanalsLammert HeijnenJul 21, 2011
96Modeling the instability of droplets floating on an airflow Wilco BouwhuisJun 27, 2011
95Newtonian and viscoelastic droplet formation: An experimental and numerical studyVincent KamphorstMay 27, 2011
94Bubbly drag reduction and local bubble distribution in turbulent Taylor-Couette flowDaniela Narezo GuzmánMay 11, 2011
93Bubble Sorting; manipulation of MicrobubblesTim SegersApr 21, 2011
92Diffusive Bubble Growth: design, development and realization of an experimental setupChristian HummelinkApr 18, 2011
913D Visualization of a meniscus in piezo inkjet printingMark-Jan van der MeulenFeb 14, 2011
90Local velocity measurements in Twente Turbulent Taylor-CouetteSander Gerard HuismanNov 8, 2010
89Two-phase flow in steel ladlesWouter SchoonenbergOct 18, 2010
88Dynamics of adherent ultrasound contrast agent microbubbles Anne MaasOct 6, 2010
87Levitation by lubrication: the shapes of droplets floating on an air cushionDimitrios RazisMay 10, 2010
86Collapse of non-axisymmetric cavities. Linear and non-linear phenomenaOscar EnríquezApr 28, 2010
85Nanoscale drops and bubbles at a a surface: a molecular dynamics approachJoost WeijsJan 15, 2010
84Droplet separation and coalescence on a one dimensional gridTheo DriessenDec 14, 2009
83The effect of air on sand near the jamming pointTess HomanSep 30, 2009
82Characterization of surface Nanobubbles by means of Atomic Force MicrosopyWiktoria WalczykAug 14, 2009
81Jets and Splashes in Solid Object ImpactJohanna BosJun 18, 2009
80Design and testing of a microfluidic bubble pumpKoen WinkelsNov 7, 2008
79The effect of finite container size on granular jet formationStefan von KannSep 26, 2008
78Pressure drive flow through and over a model porous mediumHugo AnbeekAug 14, 2008
77Ultrasonic cleaning of root canals – A visualization studyBram VerhaagenJul 4, 2008
76Impact of solid objects on water: The role of air and non-axisymmetric collapsesIvo PetersJun 4, 2008
75Simultaneous acoustical and optical measurements on single ultrasound contrast agent microbubblesTimo RozendalMay 14, 2008
74Nonlinear Photoacoustic behaviorTamara van WeperenMar 28, 2008
73High Speed fluorescence imaging of encapsulated microbubblesErik GelderblomMar 14, 2008
72Rotating Rayleigh-Bénard convection: The influence of rotation on the boundary layerRichard StevensMar 6, 2008
71Weel Performance of High Rate Foam Flow Pressure DropsStefan HofmansFeb 8, 2008
70A Newtonian Flow Model for the Centrifugal Ejection Fruit And Vegetable JuicerTheo StolkJan 8, 2008
69A practical approach to bubbly turbulenceDennis van GilsDec 13, 2007
68The influence of gas bubbling on flotation of inclusions in steelStijn KlaassenSep 21, 2007
67Controlled Air Entrapment In Piezo Driven Ink Jet Print HeadsJacco HettingaSep 21, 2007
66Jets from finite-wave free-surface reflectionsAaldert ZijlstraMar 30, 2007
65Measuring cav. vol. using close-range photgrammetry on a rot. marine propellor modelErik SchoonbergenFeb 22, 2007
64The restart behavior of a waxy crude oilMartijn TeerhuisDec 18, 2006
63Monodisperse microbubble formation in microfluidic flow focusing devicesWim van HoeveNov 10, 2006
62Retarding flow in high permeability rockCarel Johan CraneNov 3, 2006
61Cavitation experiments in confined geometries: flow analysis and interaction with cellsEd ZwaanOct 27, 2006
60Dynamics of particles in a rotating cylinderClaas-Willem VisserAug 31, 2006
59Development and collapse of cavities formed by the impact and immersion of solid objects on waterArjan van der BosAug 31, 2006
58Micro scale jetting by shock wave interactionDaan MartensAug 18, 2006
57Experimental techniques in future bubbly turbulence researchWillem D. WormgoorJul 18, 2006
56Jet-Flow Induced Drug DeliveryHans van ToorenJun 12, 2006
55On the Fluid Dynamics of the "Acoustic Fish"Johan P. van der DennenMay 10, 2006
54Instabilities and transition of a sphere falling or ascending freely in a Newtonian fluidMarieke AalbersApr 27, 2006
533D optical micromanipulation of ultrasound contrast agents: bubble-bubble and bubble-wall interactionsMarlies OverveldeMar 23, 2006
52Clustering in a granular jetRuben SnijdewindMar 9, 2006
51Experiments on piezo inkjet print heads: bubbles, acoustics and dropletsHuub BorelMar 3, 2006
50Simulations and Experiments on a bubble trapped in a VenturiEric WijngaardsDec 8, 2005
49Clanet JetErik de JongSep 16, 2005
48Identification of Plumes in Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard ConvectionPetra van der WerfAug 30, 2005
47Cavitation inception on microparticles - from macroscale to microscaleBram BorkentAug 26, 2005
46Surface modes in ultrasound driven bubblesIvo L. HeitmanAug 26, 2005
45The optical and acoustical properties of single microbubblesJeroen SijlJul 22, 2005
44Path-, Wake- and Shape-Oscillations of Rising BubblesPeter van OostrumJun 23, 2005
43Pattern Formation in Vertically Shaken Granular Matter: Towards a Phase DiagramRobert BosJun 23, 2005
42Characterizing flame behavior in a lean, premixed, turbulent gasburner with optical techniquesMarc HarlemanJun 22, 2005
41The Acoustic Fish (a bubble powered actuator)Rory DijkinkApr 29, 2005
40Drag reduction by polymers in water-in-oil flowsWillem DekkerFeb 7, 2005
39Numerical modeling of bubble dynamics in an inkjet nozzleRoger JeurissenDec 10, 2004
38Convertible Bond Valuation, Credit and Fixed Divided ModelsTamme MekkesAug 27, 2004
37Granular Matter: Cluster-to-Cluster Transport and Drag on Impacting ObjectsRemco RauhéAug 27, 2004
36Fingers and cracks in 2D foamsBas van GelderAug 23, 2004
35Dynamics of coated bubbles shell buckling and ruptureJoris TimmermansAug 23, 2004
34Particles and bubbles in solid body rotationHanneke BlueminkJun 18, 2004
33Bubble powered micro fluidic transportJan Paul RavenJun 18, 2004
32Implementing a flat dynamical x-ray detector on a mobile surgery systemRalph van MelleMar 29, 2004
31Towards controlled drug delivery by insonified contrast agentsMartijn VervoornMar 29, 2004
30Development and Testing of a Wall Pressure Measurement System in the DNW-HSTwind tunnelWouter SchiferliJan 30, 2004
29Drag on rising and falling spheresHarmke van AkenDec 18, 2003
28Lithotripsy: the movement of the stonePieternel DoeswijkOct 3, 2003
27Leidenfrost effect and coarsening in a granular gasPeter EshuisAug 29, 2003
26Air bubble behavior in piezo-driven inkjet printheadsFerdy MigchelbrinkJul 4, 2003
25Dancing in a glass-oscillations fueled by carbonated waterBelinda IJzermanJul 4, 2003
24Rarefaction waves is a bubbly liquidRamon van den BergJun 23, 2003
23Mono-disperse microbubbling - instabilities in cofloting gasliquid jetsSander van der MeerJun 23, 2003
22Liquid jetting in bubble collapse and its application for local drug deliveryRoy IkinkJun 5, 2003
21Towards controlling bubbles understanding liftErnst A. van NieropApr 17, 2003
20Dynamic modelling of wet gas wellsRenate HeijmansApr 4, 2003
19Air entrapment in piezo-driven inkjet printheadsJos de JongMar 14, 2003
18Measurements and simulations of bubbles in an acoustic fieldRaymond BergmannFeb 14, 2003
17Drag reduction by microbubblesHidde LeijnseFeb 13, 2003
16Mie scattering for sizing of coated micro bubblesElmer KoeneJan 31, 2003
15Jet Creation by void collapse in liquid and sandMarijn SandtkeJan 17, 2003
14Air entraining flows: The disturbed waterfallBram KerstenDec 13, 2002
13The role of bubble geometry in 3D foam coarseningAlexander van DoornumOct 21, 2002
12Ultragel. contr. media: akoestische & optische studie n.e. enkele microbelRadboud NelissenSep 20, 2002
11Granulair gasArthur van BilsenAug 14, 2002
10The Flight of a baseballRinske StelwagenApr 11, 2002
9Running patterns versus clustering in a granular gas "Maxwell's Demon in a TiltedMarcel KloostermanAug 23, 2001
8Hot-film anemometry in two-phase flowsJoris de VriesAug 22, 2001
7The effect of added mass on a single rising bubbleArjan TijinkAug 22, 2001
6Decaying and Kicked Turbulence Explored with the GOY Shell ModelJan-Otto HooghoudtAug 17, 2000
5Interaction of flow and acoustical forces A bubble trapped in a VenturiDennis BosmanJul 7, 2000
4Ball ValveC. van Lookeren Campagne Jan 14, 2000
3The Chemical Diffusive Equilibrium of a Bubble near its Sonolumenscing StateThijs ArlmanNov 5, 1999
2Visualisatie en interpretatie van het zog achter en de baan van bellenGiel LinthorstNov 26, 1998
1Experimental study of a bubble plumeJudith RensenNov 13, 1998

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