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Quantifying Cell Adhesion through Impingement of a Controlled Microjet
C.W. Visser, M. Gielen, Z. Hao, S. Le Gac, D. Lohse, and C. Sun
Biophys. J. 108, 23–31 (2015)BibTeΧ
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Cluster Analysis of Protein Point Pattern Sets using Minkowski Functionals
J.M. Parker, E. Sherman, M. van de Raa, D. Lohse, D. van der Meer, L. Samelson, and W. Losert
Biophys. J. 104, 511a – (2013)BibTeΧ


Sonoporation from jetting cavitation bubbles
C.D. Ohl, M. Arora, R. Ikink, N. de Jong, M. Versluis, M. Delius, and D. Lohse
Biophys. J. 91, 4285–4295 (2006)BibTeΧ


Transport anomalies in membrane osmosis: A theoretical study
T. Chou and D. Lohse
Biophys. J. 76, A181 (1999)

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