Dr. Wilco Bouwhuis



I was born and raised in a village called Vroomshoop, about 45 km northwest from Enschede. During high school I developed a beautiful hobby at the local radio & TV station Delta FM: presenting, taking care of the technical realization of several programs, and guiding new employees. This is why I got my Propedeuse Media Engineering (part of Electrical Engineering) at Saxion Enschede (2004-2005), a division from Electrical Engineering. Theoretical physics and mathematics were only a small portion of this study program, but it had so much fun with it that I decided to switch to the University of Twente to study a Bachelor Applied Physics (2005-2008). During the next three years I received my Master's degree in Mathematics (2010) and Physics (2011).

Research interests

My research is focused on impact phenomena (splashing, jet-formation, air bubble entrapment, …), drop/sheet dynamics (pouring flows, Coanda effect, …), coalescence, and microfluidics (wetting phenomena, ...). A large part of my PhD exists of doing numerical simulations using the (potential flow) Boundary Integral (BI) method, which has been implemented within our research group. This code is able to simulate a wide range of phenomena in both one-phase and two-phase fluid dynamics. I acquired a diverse knowledge and interest in the field of fluid dynamics, because of the very broad orientation of our group.


Modeling the instability of droplets floating on an airflow Jun 27, 2011


Dynamics of deforming drops
Aug 28, 2015

Alumnus info

Currently working at Hogeschool Windesheim Zwolle as a Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
2015-08-28: Graduated with a Doctor's degree
2011-06-27: Graduated with a Master's degree

Rayleigh Benard convection conference 2018 rbc2018
Max Planck Gesellschaft
Centre for Scientific Computing